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  • Join conditions
    1, a stable workplace (shop), and to provide quality certificate business license, tax registration certificate and other companies.
    2, shall not operate or Agent and the Company has competitive products.
    3, to understand the dynamics and the status quo of local door market development of the industry.
    4, has a sales capacity.
    5, with the installation of the company's products, the ability to repair.
    6, has a good spirit of cooperation, by expanding market share, get more benefits.

    Joining process
    1, with its own resources and the actual situation in the local market, for further in-depth investigation.
    2, according to the applicant requests, the company joined the basic overview to the city, district, store location, visit.
    3, the company's headquarters for detailed study of the project.
    4, with the relevant Investment Manager detailed communicate and understand in detail the terms of the agency contract, signed a cooperation agreement.
    5, after signing the contract to pay the operating margin for the relevant procedures.
    6, the agents according to the design provided by the company began renovation, and the assistance to prepare the company opened operations.
    7, the company will provide the necessary information on a variety of qualifications and medals.
    8, into the normal sales operations phase, the company will provide management information on marketing and product sales and store management.

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